Azimut Atlantis 51 e Azimut 55 Fly estreia mundial na Boot Düsseldorf 2018




Atlantis 51_ interiors (1)O modelo Azimut Atlantis 51, faz sua estréia mundial no boat show alemão, é um iate com o DNA de um verdadeiro Open, com amplo espaço a bordo e estilo agressivo da Neo Design.
O main deck foi abordado como uma grande sala de estar, enquanto o lower deck oferece três cabinas notáveis, sem sacrificar sala de refeições central completo com mesa dobrável, representando os traços distintivos deste modelo em seu segmento.

A51 MaindeckA51 Lowerdeck with Guest Cabin Twin BedsInformações técnicas principais
Modelo: Atlantis 51 | Origem: Itália | Construtor: Azimut Yachts | Comprimento total: 16,18 m | Comprimento do casco: 15,75 m | Boca: 4,50 m | Calado: 1,25 m | Deslocamento (com carga total): 22 t | Material de construção: GRP | Cabinas: 3 | Motorização: 2 x Volvo IPS 800-600hp | Reservatórios de combustível: 1500 L | Reservatórios de água doce: 450 L | Desnho do casco: Azimut-Benetti R&D Department | Design exterior: Neo Design | Design interior: Neo Design.

Azimut Flybridge 55_profiloAzimut Flybridge 55_living


Fly55_02Azimut 55 Fly, por outro lado, destaca-se pela justaposição de linhas externas esticadas e fluidas concebidas por Stefano Righini, contra interiores quentes, acolhedores e refinados, definidos por linhas suaves e o toque criativo de Achille Salvagni. A decoração é baseada na combinação de cinco materiais diferentes e, também neste modelo, o layout do Deck inferior possui três cabinas duplas.

55 Maindeck55 Lowerdeck55 FlybridgeInformações técnicas principais
Modelo: Azimut 55 Fly | Origem: Itália | Construtor: Azimut Yachts | Comprimento total: 16,70 m | Boca: 4,95 m | Deslocamento (com carga total): 29 t | Material de construção: GRP | Cabinas: 3 + 1 crew | Motorização: 2 x 800hp | Reservatórios de combustível: 2300 L | Reservatórios de água doce: 590 L | Design exterior: Stefano Righin | Design interior: Achille Salvagni Architetti.


Atlantis 51_runningAzimut Atlantis 51 and Azimut 55 Fly worldwide premiere at the 2018 Boot Düsseldorf

Azimut Atlantis 51, making its world debut at the German Boat Show, is a yacht with the DNA of a true open, featuring ample space on board and aggressive styling by Neo Design.
The Main Deck has been approached as one big lounge area, while the Lower Deck offers a remarkable three cabins, without sacrificing a full-fledged central dinette with folding table, representing the distinctive features of this best-in-class model in its segment.

Azimut 55 Fly, on the other hand, stands out for its juxtaposition of taut, flowing exterior lines by Stefano Righini, against warm, cosy and refined interiors defined by smooth lines and the creative flair of Achille Salvagni. The decor is based on the combination of five different materials and, on this model too, the layout of the Lower Deck features three double cabins.
Azimut Atlantis 51: pure open without compromise
– The new Azimut Atlantis 51 is a pure open, featuring lots of space on board and an aggressive design.

– Superior comfort: for the first time with three comfortable cabins without sacrificing the big below deck dinette.

– Powered by two Volvo 800 (600HP) engines, with IPS transmissions for excellent manoeuvrability and speeds of up to 35* knots.

Azimut Yachts, an Azimut Benetti Group brand, presents the new Azimut Atlantis 51, in a world preview at the Düsseldorf Boat Show.

Performance and space on board are two of the most obvious features of this open with sporty, aggressive lines, designed by Marco Biaggi and Filippo Salvetti, the owners of Neo Design, which since 2009 has worked on the entire range.
Atlantis 51 offers plenty of welcoming, airy space, thanks to the generous beam which measures a full 4.5 meters.
With the DNA of a pure open and a design featuring the distinctive vertical bow, this model has been created for people who want to spend the entire day in the open air, without compromising on absolute comfort in the interiors too.
That is why the main deck is like a big open air lounge area. In addition to the spacious sun lounging areas both fore and aft, the deck is designed and furnished to create a sophisticated living area to relax in, which can be quickly converted into a dinette for lunch.
In fact, facing the classic C-shaped sofa is a second one, which can be split if needed to form two poufs, arranged around a coffee table that can be converted into a big, comfortable dining table, so creating a fully-appointed dining area.
Turning to the interiors, also designed by Biaggi and Salvetti, Azimut has managed to keep a proper dinette in addition to three cabins, which are the defining feature of this best-in-class model in its segment.
The big dinette with a folding table on the Lower Deck provides the utmost in comfort to dine or simply relax while sharing the pleasure of the galley opposite.
The owner’s suite in the bow features a big full-height space, a vanity table with pouf, and a small bookcase. It is also flooded with natural light entering through the double ceiling and side windows. The VIP cabin in the centre of the boat has been designed as a second owner’s suite, offering the option of a double bed that can be converted into twin beds with the help of practical sliding guide tracks. This cabin too has a vanity area, plus plenty of storage space. The third and final cabin has bunk beds and is extremely generously sized, while the big side window provides lots of natural light.
The engine room plays host to two engines Volvo 800 (600 HP), with IPS transmissions: the top speed of 35* knots speeds up trips between one bay and the next, while the transmission delivers great manoeuvrability and makes the yacht easy to drive. Azimut Atlantis 51 cruises at a speed of about 32 knots.
On board livability and comfort are also ensured by a garage that can contain a 3.25 m tender.

Azimut Atlantis 51 – Technical Specification

Length overall
16,18 mt – 53’ 1’’
Beam max
4,5 mt – 14’9”
Displacement (at full load)
22 t*
2 x Volvo 800 (600 hp/440 kW) / IPS
Maximum speed
Up to 35* knots
Fuel tank capacity
1.500 lt – 396 Us gls
Water tank capacity
450 lt – 118 Us gls
Head compartments
Building material
Azimut Yachts
Exterior designer & concept
Neo Design
Interior designer
Neo Design
Category / certification
CE Category: B

Azimut 55 FLY: an oasis of well-being
– Taut, flowing lines outside; an elegant, cosy alcove inside.
This is how two opposites create a new harmony.

– Stefano Righini designed the exteriors and defined the concept, while the interior design is by Achille Salvagni.

– Meticulous research is behind the combination of five different materials, which together with the curved, flowing lines, accentuate the sense of sophisticated calm that reigns over the interior settings.

Azimut 55 will make its world debut at the Düsseldorf Boat Show. It is a yacht that makes an important style statement and was born of a challenge: the desire to combine a silhouette defined by sleek lines, with a warm, cosy alcove inside, featuring soft, flowing shapes.

It was both a successful and a satisfying challenge for the shipbuilder and the two protagonists of this ambitious and exciting project. The first is Stefano Righini, who designed the exteriors and defined the concept, which stands out for lines that start out taut in the bow and then gradually soften towards the stern. The second is Achille Salvagni, the world-famous architect who is one of AD Collector’s top 100 international designers and appears on the A-list drawn up by Elle Decor USA. On this yacht too, we find his famously original style language, borrowed from residential architecture.

The outside decks: elegantly spacious sea view living areas
What immediately strikes the eye about the yacht’s exterior is the outline of the Flybridge, which extends even further towards the stern and is, in fact, unusually large, reaping the benefits of the extended rear section. This makes it possible, even on the 55-foot model, to include a second unexpected living area, sheltered from curious eyes, which can be furnished with two facing sofas.
The Main Deck, on the other hand, features a big sun lounging area in the bow. Designed to act as an oasis of comfort, it draws its inspiration from the idea of a cocoon, in which the oversize cushion set, defined by soft, circular shapes, creates a sense of all-embracing well-being. The adjustable backrest, split into three sections, is tall enough to use as both a sunlounger and a chaiselongue. The area of shade provided by a remarkably large and deep bimini top can also be extended further forward, for relaxation while totally sheltered from the sun’s glare.

The heart of the “pearl”: warm and cosy interiors
The interior design by Salvagni is permeated by a sophisticated sense of calm that reigns over all the latest generation Azimut yachts, which are furnished with care lavished on every precious detail and finishing. The spaces are defined by flowing lines, both above and below deck, and by the total absence of sharp edges. Key to this project was careful research, resulting in the clever combination of five different materials: grey zebrawood and dark oak, glossy black lacquer, and bronze and steel inserts.

The galley is situated in the entrance area, which is the optimum layout for yachts this size, as well as being an extremely practical choice, because both the dining areas can be served from it. The entrance has in any case been designed as a lobby, thanks to the sophisticated shapes of the galley furniture and the combination of different materials. The elegant central area on the Main Deck, which is slightly raised above the entrance area, consists of a small lounge with a central low table and two facing sofas that have a magnificent sea view.

The Lower Deck features three double cabins. The VIP cabin in the bow has a double bed, of course, while the spacious full-beam owner’s cabin, which is flooded with light through two large rectangular windows, is located in the centre of the boat. Between the two is the third cabin, which is fitted with twin beds. The design philosophy that guided Salvagni on this yacht is based once again on the theme of calm and timeless elegance, which some critics have compared to Italian Renaissance art, but seen from an absolutely contemporary perspective: “the new Italian Renaissance”. A skilful contamination of wood varieties gives the spaces a uniquely contemporary feel.
The two bathrooms both have separate shower stalls. There is also a cabin for the captain, with access from the transom.

Leading edge technology for extreme cruising comfort
The yacht features latest generation technical solutions, identified by Azimut’s Innovation Lab in the framework of the ECS – Enhanced Cruising Solutions programme, to offer the best possible boat management: from Active Trim Control, which adjusts the trim continuously during navigation, reducing friction and optimising consumption, to Electronic Power Steering, which allows the owner to customise the sensitivity of the control functions, regulating wheel turns and steering effort according to speed and piloting style. This solution also reduces maintenance requirements and increases safety onboard.
The two 800 hp Volvo engines have shaft-line transmissions, powering Azimut 55 to a top speed of 31* knots.


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