Peugeot e Bénéteau apresentaram, em Paris, o Sea Drive Concept


A tecnologia Ship Control® desenvolvida pela Bénéteau aliada ao i-Cockpit® da Peugeot para uma nova experiência no universo dos barcos a motor.

Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 004Estas duas marcas francesas emblemáticas, cada uma líder em seu segmento de atividade, sempre compartilharam os valores de inovação e pensamento ousado.Com base no sucesso global do i-Cockpit®, com cerca de quatro milhões de utilizadores, a Peugeot está agora a fornecer a sua experiência em cockpites ergonómicos ao construtor de barcos Bénéteau. Projetado e construído pela Peugeot Design Lab, este painel funcional combina o manejo intuitivo e natural do Peugeot i-Cockpit® com a tecnologia Ship Control® desenvolvida pela Bénéteau. Com o melhor dos dois mundos, o Sea Drive Concept oferece um vislumbre do futuro posto de pilotagem num barco de recreio.
Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 003Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 007Peugeot and Bénéteau present the Sea Drive Concept

Bénéteau Ship Control® technology allied with the Peugeot i-Cockpit® for a new boating experience

Building on the global success of i-Cockpit®, with around four million users, Peugeot is now providing its expertise in ergonomic cockpits to BENETEAU, world leader in the leisure craft industry. Designed and built by Peugeot Design Lab, this functional demonstrator combines the intuitive, natural handling of the Peugeot i-Cockpit® with the connected Ship Control® technology developed by Bénéteau. Boasting the best of both worlds, the Sea Drive Concept offers a glimpse of the boating industry’s future steering station.

The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®: an innovative interior design concept
Driving a PEUGEOT has always been a unique experience. The brand has always used its expertise
in developing and tuning running gear to enhance driveability. To further increase driving pleasure
and discover new sensations, PEUGEOT decided some years ago to undertake in-depth studies on
car cockpit design.
This quest resulted in an innovative interior layout: the Peugeot i-Cockpit®. The system comprises
several key features:
– A compact steering wheel, the smallest on the market in any segment, for easier handling
and enhanced driving sensations;
– A head-up display displaying all relevant information in the driver’s line of vision so they can
keep their eyes on the road and concentrate on steering;
– A large touchscreen with intuitive controls for all comfort functions (radio, air-conditioning,
etc.) making it easier to use all the on-board features.
The result is a modern, high-tech dashboard with remarkably clean lines. The small number of buttons – only the essential – along with premium materials and quality of build emphasize the
specific features of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, promoting driving pleasure, agility and driver
concentration. The interior of a PEUGEOT is now immediately identifiable and highly desirable.

The i-Cockpit® saga: a huge market success
A signature feature of the brand’s identity, i-Cockpit® was launched five years ago on the brand’s
best-selling models:
– The 208, which introduced the concept in 2012;
– The 2008 SUV;
– The 308 and 308 SW, where the second-generation system reaches new heights in clean,
ergonomic dashboard design;
– The 3008 SUV, voted European Car of the Year 2017, featuring a third-generation i-Cockpit®
with all the latest features in comfort and safety, delivering an all-round sensory experience
for the occupants;
– The new 5008 SUV.
For the 3008 and 5008 SUVs, PEUGEOT engineers and designers brought all these cutting-edge
features together in a 12.3″ high-resolution digital head-up instrument panel, fitted as standard,
fully configurable and with futuristic graphics. A series of highly elegant toggle switches give direct
access to the main comfort and safety features.
Overall, almost four million drivers have enjoyed the emblematic PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® since
This concept quickly stood out as the most distinctive attribute of recent Lion designs. And this is
only the beginning. The brand is continuing its research, as illustrated by the exploratory study on
PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT and its responsive i-Cockpit®, redefining the passenger’s
environment to reflect the new uses emerging from autonomous driving.
Driving a car equipped with a PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is therefore, and will remain, a fulfilling,
stimulating and addictive experience.
In the light of this exclusive experience, PEUGEOT Design Lab was keen to go further and explore
new territories in a completely different sector: sailing and motorboating. And in this field, what
could be more natural than the meeting of PEUGEOT and BENETEAU?

Rewarding cooperation between BENETEAU and PEUGEOT Design Lab
PEUGEOT and BENETEAU. These two emblematic French brands, each leaders in their field of
activity, have always shared the values of innovation and bold thinking.
For PEUGEOT, this approach is illustrated in particular by the founding of PEUGEOT Design Lab in
June 2012. This global brand design studio is dedicated to customers outside the company. Its role
is to design products and services that contribute to a global brand experience in all sectors of
For BENETEAU, in response to the growing sophistication of on board boating equipment, the
company has set up a research programme called Advanced Monitoring System (AMS). The aim of
this programme is to centralize all the useful information to on board piloting, safety and comfort.
This work led to the development of Ship Control® technology, fitted on the new BENETEAU Gran
Turismo 50 sports cruiser for presentation to the public.
The Sea Drive Concept is the result of the cooperation between two innovative programmes; a
dialogue between two worlds. The characteristic components of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® are visible on the demonstrator at first glance:
– The compact steering wheel, directly inspired by cars. Similar to the steering wheel in most
recent PEUGEOT vehicles, its small size makes for easy, agile handling.
– A large 17-inch touchscreen displaying the Ship Control® interface, for immediate access to
the boat’s electronic functions.
– A folding panel displaying the main navigational information in the pilot’s line of vision.
– Toggle switches on either side of the wheel for direct access to the main functions at all
PEUGEOT expertise is also visible in the build quality and choice of materials, which are based on
the GT trim level: Nappa leather, copper topstitching, accents of chrome and satin, etc.
Simple and universal, the Ship Control® interface groups all useful onboard information including:
• Onboard lighting (distribution, intensity);
• Air conditioning control;
• Navigation (speed, current, depth, route, direction, position);
• Battery level check;
• Fuel level check;
• Electrical management (AC/DC);
• Bilge pump management;
• HiFi;
• Engines (revs, speed)
A true on-board computer, the Ship Control® interface provides support and assistance for both
navigation and on-board comfort. Several tablets can be connected locally to the interface, so each
member of the crew can access all the functions available.
This ultra-connected universe is present in the Sea Drive Concept developed by PEUGEOT Design
Lab. This makes it a cutting edge feature in a fast-changing sector.
The Sea Drive Concept illustrates a new way of designing a boat’s steering station, heralding the
future of powerboating.


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