Salão de Paris apostou nos Barcos Eléctricos! Paris Boat Show bet on the Electric Boats!


A tendência mundial nas energias alternativas esteve bem patente no último Salão Náutico de Paris. Os motores eléctricos ganham mercado e surgem novos projetos para o futuro quer ao nível de embarcações como de equipamentos para marinas.

Since 2017, electric and solar-powered boats have had their own dedicated 400m2 space, thanks largely to a partnership with the AFBE (French Electric Boat Association).
It was a unique opportunity to discover innovative models by the various iconic brands within this new network, from the petite PWC (Seadoo) for kids to the solar-powered prototype, to the river trip boats and products specific to electric-powered boating.

Some projects exhibited in Paris, in 2018:

The RAND Picnic 18 with an elegant design that reflects Scandinavian tradition in its purest sense © DR

Luxury and ecology with Armor Nautic
Armor Nautic presented the RAND Picnic 18, a sociable and innovative boat with an elegant design that embodies Scandinavian tradition in its purest form. Designed for environmentally friendly and luxurious navigation, the RAND Picnic 18 requires little maintenance and is extremely easy to manœuvre.

The Overboat by NeOcean © DR

Neocean reinvented the jet ski
Have you ever dreamt of a silent yet powerful jet ski? Neocean has invented it. The Overboat is an electric boat with self-regulating foils that is totally automatic. Its top speed is 15 knots, powering up for take-off in upwards of 7.5 knots. Silent, clean and accessible to all, the Overboat combines three technologies: the electric motor, 2nd generation foils and automated navigation. Visitors will have to wait until the spring to purchase it so come along to the Nautic to get a sneak preview!

Thanks to its propeller tunnels, the eElectric 8000 positively glides across the water © DR

X Shore in symbiosis with nature
X Shore offered visitors the chance to experience the ‘power of silence’ with a range of 100% electric boats, which are powerful, economical, respectful of the environment and very thoughtfully designed. At this year’s show, the Swedish company presented the eElectric 8000, a boat with clean lines equipped with all the essential practical functions, ‘at one with nature’. The very light hull has been designed to create as little friction as possible in contact with the water so as to guarantee the utmost discretion, whilst saving energy. Thanks to its propeller tunnels, the eElectric 8000 really glides across the water.

Zen Pro 580 with a range of up to 20 hours at 3 knots of boatspeed © DR

Another approach to boating with NaviWatt
The Zen Pro 580 boat by NaviWatt offered up a new vision of the future, combining comfort under power and the sturdiness of aluminium. Equipped with a Torqeedo engine, it has a range of up to 20 hours at a speed of 3 knots (one hour at a speed of 6 knots), with a top speed of 28 knots. Its electric motor makes it particularly quiet thus changing the face of boating.

The Lagon 55 by French company Alizé Electronic has a capacity of up to 10 people © DR

River navigation with the Lagon 55
Alizé Electronic, a French company specialising in electric-powered boats, showcased the Lagon 55 at the Nautic, which can now be equipped with a solar roof to substantially boost its range (+2 to 4 hours at 800W). For river and coastal use, this boat has a capacity of up to 10 people and an average speed of 7km/h, topping out at 9.5km/h.

The 100% electric Les Canalous canal boat © DR

The 100% electric Les Canalous canal boat
Les Canalous ensured that it ‘has never been easier to drive a boat’ with its new range of canal boats with a custom ‘fit-out’ and fingertip control thanks to both stern and bow thrusters. Les Canalous come in 100% electric versions, in which case the boat is equipped with a 40kw lithium battery bank used to create propulsion, giving the boat a 6-hour range of ‘silent’ navigation at 8km/h. A “Fischer Panda” generator also enables the lithium batteries to be recharged if they get too low, as well as recharging the service battery. The energy used for forward propulsion and on-board comfort are completely separate.

The new Derby 4.90, 100% electric, 100% fun and 100% ecological © DR

Saviboat’s family Derby 4.90 by Tecla
Tecla launched the new Derby 4.90, which is “100% electric, 100% recreational and 100% eco-friendly”. Easy to drive, the Derby 4.90 is the perfect boat for family outings and fishing trips. Approved for 11 people, the Derby 4.90 comes in a variety of colours.

The Jellyfishbot is an electric robot designed to collect up floating waste © DR

Iadys cleaning the seas with its robot
The Jellyfishbot from Iadys is an electric robot designed for collecting up floating waste. Its compact size makes it manœuvrable and transportable. On the water, it has no problem accessing cramped spaces, whilst providing a supreme cleaning capability: 1,000m2 per hour (at a speed of one knot). Watertight and strong, it can withstand unfavourable weather conditions and it is a genuine innovative and automated solution to combat marine pollution!

Neptuneo, a 100% electric catamaran © DR

Climbing aboard the Neptuneo by Nautiqu’Elec
Neptuneo by Nautiqu’Elec is a 100% electric catamaran measuring 2.5 metres wide and 6.5 metres long, designed for recreational boating. Enjoying a maximum speed of 15 knots, it can accommodate up to 11 people. It has a 14-hour battery range at an average speed of 5.5 knots and 4 hours at a speed of 8 knots.

Aboard the Ceclo by Rev Inside
The Ceclo by Rev Inside is a catamaran measuring 2.70 metres long and 1.43 metres wide, able to post speeds of up to 6 knots with a range of 2 to 4 hours.

E-tech inboard engines and pods
Based in Poland, E-Tech is working with a German manufacturer to create brushless permanent magnet electric engines, whilst constantly breaking new ground. All the inboard engines at E-Tech have a liquid-cooled closed-loop cooling system to guarantee their efficiency and output, even when used intensively. Meantime, the E-Tech pods are electric motors submerged under the hull of the vessel (fixed or adjustable) or installed as an outboard-type pod, improving reliability, manoeuvrability and saving space.

Ruban Bleu and its Eco One electric motor
Ruban Bleu has designed the Eco One electric motor for use in both freshwater and salt water. “Able to run for up to 1,200 hours without maintenance, it’s a cut above other electric motors”, stresses Thibault de Veyrinas, manager of the company based in France’s Loire-Atlantique department. Ruban Bleu has also developed a system of connected watersports bases for managing entire fleets of boats: a simple box in the boat’s console brings up all the necessary information for the rental hire company and manager.

The SunWave by AA’Rok © DR

AA’Rok is reinventing boating
AA’Rok proposed an avant-gardist vision of boating with the SunWave. Clean and noiseless with a unique concept, this boat is designed for fun, connected boating, whilst offering all the comfort of a luxury craft. With an extraordinary living space spanning 20m2 thanks to its deployable ‘sunbathing’ wings, the SunWave is able to make up to 15 knots of boatspeed. It also enables unlimited range at moderate speed, which is a first in the history of recreational boating!

Recyclamer, the waste buster © DR

Recyclamer, the vacuum cleaner for waste
Recyclamer is a floating device with a self-contained power source, which collects up solid waste and treats liquid pollutants whilst measuring the water quality in real time. Recyclamer aims to become one of the global references for promoting more environmentally-friendly aquatic areas.


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