Torqeedo lança motor Cruise 10.0 R


image002O fabricante alemão de motores elétricos Torqeedo acaba de lançar um novo modelo, o Cruise 10.0R.
Trata-se de um motor fora de borda com 12 kW de potencia máxima, 10 kW de potência continua, equiparável a um motor de combustão de 20 Cv. Pode ser equipado com comando de punho ou remoto. Possui uma concepção robusta, está protegido contra a corrosão, pode ser utilizado na água do mar e é totalmente estanque à água (IP67).

                                        Velocidade em nós (km/h)*   Distância em mn (km)*  Autonomia em horas
Velocidade lenta                  4,2 (7,8)                                     35,2 (65)                            08:20
Velocidade máx.                  17,2 (31,9)                                  13,7 (25,5)                         00:48



Silent power for tenders, workboats and boats for green lakes: Torqeedo introduces Cruise 10.0 R

Powerful performance with the simplicity of a low-voltage system
Fast, fun and 100% electric, the Cruise 10.0 R delivers powerful performance with the simplicity of a low-voltage system. The motor is newly designed and engineered and delivers propulsive power equivalent to a 20 HP combustion engine with 12 kW peak and 10 kW continuous input power.

34 km/h top speed, plus 30 km range at 30 km/h
The Cruise 10.0 R is a powerhouse. The new flagship of Torqeedo’s full line of Cruise motors reaches top speeds up to 34 km/h (21 MPH). The low-voltage outboard can travel up to 30 km at 30 km/h (19 miles at 19 MPH). It is also a long-distance runner with a range up to 75 km (46 miles) at lower speed.
The Cruise 10.0 R boasts a striking modern design, is whisper quiet and emission-free. It operates at just 48 volts, which makes it easy and uncomplicated to handle and maintain. These features make it the ideal companion for tender RIBs, coach boats and boaters on green lakes. Commercial users like workboats, water taxis and tour boats will profit from the Cruise 10.0 R ’s low operating and maintenance costs.

Form follows function
At first glance, it is obvious that the Cruise 10.0 is not a conventional outboard. The design’s pure lines both refine and develop the characteristic elements of the Cruise range. The motor itself is discreetly housed underwater in a robust aluminum pylon, cooled naturally by the surrounding water. The shaft is hydrodynamically optimized and the head reflects the slim, low-profile and elegant frame design of the series.
This is where the similarities end with the smaller Cruise models. The Cruise 10.0 R is edgier and more massive than its predecessors. With its performance, ruggedness and unique look the new Cruise 10.0 R fills the gap between the Cruise series and Torqeedo’s Deep Blue high-voltage motors.

Convenient features at your fingertips
Integrated GPS and an onboard computer deliver precise information about speed, power consumption and remaining range on the included remote throttle display. It also works seamlessly with Torqeedo’s TorqTrac app to display all motor information right on a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone.Torqeedo_Cruise_10.0_R_product


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